Yehi hai Best Time To Date The Tiger

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Winter With the Tigers


With a refreshing nip in the air, winter approaches the emerald expanse of Jim Corbett bringing with it the most coveted time for tourists to experience the adventure of this tiger territory. Spread over 1318 sq. kilometres with the dense moist deciduous trees of sal and peepal trees, Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is India’s success story in the conservation of the majestic tigers and one of the most desired destinations for tourists.

Experience Winter in Jim Corbett National Park

Given the vast area that the park occupies, it has been divided into 6 zones the best time to visit is from November to June when all entry points to the park are open. The onset of Autumn months brings in cooler climes along with the dense winter-tinged vegetation making Jim Corbett National Park a destination that is simply irresistible.

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Best Flora and Fauna Awaits

Come November, the Birjani Zone opens its gates along with all other gates and the safaris are back in full swing with the mighty tiger, the majestic elephant and the omnipresent deer making their glorious appearance from time to time. The clear blue skies are dotted with over 600 species of birds and the winters usher in flocks of migratory avifauna making Jim Corbett National Park an ornithologist's hermitage. Sightings of tigers are quite regular making this the most coveted time to visit the Park.

Welcome the New Year in Style

Jim Corbett National Park in the later part of the year, ushers in one of the most spectacular ways to end the year in style. The vast emerald forest teeming with a superabundant population of flora and fauna has a way to mesmerise you whenever you step foot in its precincts. The mystery and the lure of the untamed wild is something that needs to be experienced to be believed and spending a few fun-filled days in the folds of Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best ways to bid adieu to the year that has been and to herald in the new year with hope and festivity.

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