Welcome To The Most Memorable Christmas Fun at Corbett

Strategically poised on the fringes of the famous Jim Corbett National Park, The Tattwa Corbett Spa & Resort offers a Christmas that is unforgettable. Usher in the hallowed moments with a Christmas Eve that is truly set in the lap of nature.

Jingle Bells Ring In The Celebration

The clear night sky with the crescent moon and a glittering evening star is complemented by the soothing sound of Christmas carols being sung with unbounded joy and happiness that liven up the evening. Enjoy your Christmas eve on 24 December with friends and family as the perfectly roasted turkey makes an appearance at the dinner table. No worries, if you want a vegetarian spread. We have our paneer, mushroom, veg pasta and more laid out separately for you. Sit by the crackling bonfire and wrap up the pure bliss of a starry Christmas Eve in the heart of tiger land. The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort promises you a Christmas that is divine and unforgettable.


Special Christmas Brunch to Make Your Day

For a change, wake up to the chirping of the birds rather than with the forwarded Merry Christmas notifications on your phone and take in the glorious morning in all its beauty. For early risers, a walk through the 7.5-acre resort area is a beautiful way to reconnect with nature. A special Christmas brunch awaits you and our master chefs never disappoint. A spread of absolutely delectable cuisines and savouries will tickle your tastebuds. From the traditional plum cake to a wide multi-cuisine spread, the brunch is sure to set your Christmas happy and gay. Enjoy your special brunch as the sun shines high on this Corbett land, the wind is crisp and fresh adding to the spirit of celebrations all around.

Winter Afternoon & Basking in the Sun

As the sun shines through the foliage, soak in the joy of being with friends and family. Stroll around the open lawns, take a swing, read a book or just enjoy the winter sun by the pool. You can also enjoy an invigorating spa session with your folks as you prepare for the year ahead. Let your body shed years’ worth of tiredness as you spoil it with an amazing array of massages and therapies done by experts using world-class products. Enjoy the peacefulness and the tranquillity of the fascinating jungle rimming the property and reflect on the year that ends.

a cup of Starbucks coffee kept underneath a decorated Christmas tree

Evening Full of Fun

In the evening, let your host The Tattwa Corbett Spa & Resort take hospitality a step further as you are regaled by a live dance performance by a well-known troupe that is simply a sight to behold. With Santa, songs of Jingle Bells from afar and loads of games and excitement all around the festive mood continues late into the night. A DJ is there too for all the dance lovers. As another year comes to a close the mood here is full of fun and merriment. Christmas celebrations are one of those festivals that has the nostalgia of childhood and if spent with family and friends, it is guaranteed to rekindle those happy memories. This December, let The Tattwa Corbett Spa & Resort enthral you with the true spirit of Christmas!