5 Best ways to enjoy Monsoon In Corbett


Rain walk in the open lawns

There is nothing quite as romantic as holding hands and sharing an umbrella as the rain clouds decide to open. The lush green lawns at The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort add that extra adventure to the magical monsoon. The soft green grass caresses your feet, the sleepy wildflower wilts under the heavy raindrop and the earth rejoices as you tread the beautifully landscaped lawns that invite you to not just get wet but to let the rains soak your spirits in all its beauty. Explore and enjoy the monsoons with the sound of the soft muffled raindrops, breathe in the aroma of the wet earth and let your soul be touched by rain.

Pool Fun with pouring rain

As the raindrops make overlapping circles in the pristine waters of the Swimming pool at The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort, it's time to enjoy a pool party that is like no other. Let the cool breeze of the monsoon clouds whisper songs of love as you take a dip in the tranquil waters of the pearl-drop pool to give you the best romantic yet adventurous escapade to enjoy the gorgeous monsoons. It is one holiday that children and elders will really love it. With the scenic backdrop of the green forest, a pool party with mouth-watering snacks is the perfect way to let your hair down and enjoy the thrill of monsoons at its very best.

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Drive through the dense Corbett Jungles

With dark nimbus clouds on the horizon, the earth welling with an expectation of a heavy drencher, drive in an open jeep through the lush green forests of Corbett to experience an adventure that is off the beaten track. There are many scenic driveways around Corbett which are amazingly beautiful. You can go on an idyllic drive to Sitabani Forest, Mohan, or Pawalgarh. Listen to the stillness of nature as it prepares to be drenched as you drive through this tiger country with a sense of adventure that is palpable. Enjoy The Tattwaa’s exclusive adventure trail as you chase the rainclouds amidst one of India’s most majestic forests.

Evening chai at the Thela

After a day filled with fun and frolic, the evenings are meant for some relaxation and unwinding. A cup of hot adrak chai in hand with some fritters served straight from the outdoor mobile counter or Thela, this experience is one of the most nostalgic ways of reclaiming a lost monsoon. Enjoy this quintessential Indian experience as the evening falls. At The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort, a chai at the Thela in the open lawns is an experience that tantalises your tastebuds and also brings back an avalanche of memories. Sometimes a Chulha made out of the mud is also lit to make a special tea for guests and give them a feel of local life. Do drink this Indian elixir in the gorgeous setting and chit-chat with your friends and family.

Best Cafe in Ramnagar at The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort

Evening snacking at Chattar Pattar

As the evening falls, and you are missing the Gol guppa and Chaat Papri of Delhi or your own city, just walk up to our cosy and charming Chaat counter - Chattar Pattar just outside the resort where the world of Indian snacks comes alive as an extraordinary gastronomical delight. With an assortment of Indian snacks and savouries like samosas, jalebis, kachoris, pav bhaji, masala puri, vada pav, the quaint cafe, Chattar Pattar is one of the busiest places to visit in Ramnagar. Drop by and dig into some lip-smacking snacks and experience the flavours of Indian cuisine made with love and served with warmth.